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Cartel Proposals

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The cartel is one of the School’s basic organs and a device of formation for the participants who decide to work together on a common question. Anyone - newcomers, beginner analysts, experienced analysts - can form a cartel, since a cartelisand is simply someone with a desire to work on a question or subject of interest. The effects of this experience are palpable for those who undertake it, and it often leads to a singular production, a writing to be transmitted to the community that is the School.

The formation of a cartel is driven by the desire for work of each one but it is also a privileged instrument of promoting transference of work within the Society, the NLS and the schools of the WAP. Cartels preferably function in person although online cartels are becoming common as well.

Whichever mode of formation is chosen, if you are interested in finding others with whom to form a cartel, please send us your area or subject of interest by filling the form below.


Cartel proposal

If you are interested in proposing a new Cartel, fill in the form below.

Note: Please only use capital letters when needed.

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Cartels currently in formation

Theme Cartelisand City
Reading Lacan's Seminar XI Deepti Sharma New Delhi
Reading Lacan's Seminar XI Mary Dimou Athens
Reading Lacan's Seminar XI  Ivo Oral  Ostrava 

If you are interested in participating as a cartelisand in any of these Cartels, send the following form and do not forget to indicate the main theme of the cartel in which you wish to register along with your own trait of work within that theme.

First name and Surname
Email address
Theme of the Cartel you are registering
Trait of work

If you have any questions, please contact the Cartel Delegates:

Sophia Berouka -

Oriol Cobacho -